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Gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are, what they need and how to reach them in the most effective way. Our advanced analytics and data-driven insights have revolutionized audience targeting.

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Get Data-Driven, hyper-targeted customer personas and in-market audiences profiles for your business that can be activated across all the digital platforms and marketing pathways.

Grow your Business

Eliminate ad waste and grow sales by knowing precisely where, when and who gets your message.

Identify your Audience

Connect with customers down to specific households, on whichever device they use.

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DrivenIQ specializes in custom micro-audience data. We find your ideal customers, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, so you can reach them with targeted messaging to drive sales.

Global Search

You should know who your customers are because you spend significant money trying to advertise to them. Stop guessing and start connecting. We’ll identify your ideal audience down to their driveways and devices.

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Our world has changed and your marketing needs to change, too. Truly maximize your ad spend and grow your brand by engaging with InReach™ consumers. It’s time!

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DrivenIQ is composed of 30+ year data experts and digital marketing professionals who understand how challenging it is to connect with your customers.

We help you eliminate ad waste, achieve higher ROI and grow your business by reaching, connecting and engaging with consumers who are most likely to buy your products.

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We are trusted by well-known organizations and marketing agencies who rely on us for precision audience data and effective digital marketing solutions.